Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First Anniversary

Finally here's the blog from our weekend adventure to celebrate our anniversary. We stayed downtown for the arts festival. It was so much fun.

Blaine at Hotel Indigo

Our room

At the Nasher

This room was a special design that controlled temperature.

The hole in the top is open to the outside and there is no temperature altering other than the natural air and insulation of the room.

The great thing about this room was this couple that I tried to catch on camera as they were leaving. When we walked in, they were throwing rocks at the roof because they didn't believe the hole was really open. They were so embarrassed that we caught them. Hilarious.

Water features make me happy. I want one in my backyard one day.

I really like this one.

Brice, which one of your three options does this piece represent?
Sex, Death, or Communism?

Big Rat Car and Car with Human Anatomy

Yarn covered car

This car was mostly covered with buckles, but there were other random metal objects as well.

"Would you like to take a ride in my rat?"
"No, you're creepy."

Don't let the age of these ladies fool you!

They were adorable!

I wish I could have stayed long enough to see the finished product.

There were several bands that played all sorts of music. So much fun.

Lots of dancing.

Then we went to the famous Campisi's! If you don't know, the Mountains love pizza...Mmmmm.

Fried Ravioli! Yummy!

Back to the hotel for anniversary cake. We unwrapped this sucker after being my parents' freezer for a year. It still tasted amazing!

We also ordered a "flavor" replica of the groom's cake. It was amazing too!

It was such a fun weekend.

I am so blessed to be married to such a wonderful man. I pray that we continue to give God glory as He grows us and uses marriage as a tool of edification in our lives. I have truly married my best friend.

Team Mountain

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